Premium Meats

Come in to our shop to select premium meat that is further processed in-house with our flavor packed techniques. Here at Scarrow Meats, you can get top of the line meat products for your meals without having to supply the animal for butcher. This is the retail side of our business that allows us to offer premium meat to anyone hungering for a tasty bite of high quality beef, pork, lamb, etc.

Scarrow Meats offers a variety of meats and cuts to order and pick-up at our store. Click on our Order Form button to view what we offer, the costs, and be able to submit an order online!

Marinated Meats: Add a marinade to any cut or variety for a greater saturation of flavor. At Scarrow Meats, we use our vacuum tumbler to penetrate the entirety of the meat in a fraction of the time.

Smoked Meats: Scarrow Meats can smoke a wide variety of cuts with our smoke process. We create different flavors by adding seasoning before using our in-shop smokehouse. Our smoking process is available on a variety of meats like turkey, chicken, game hens, pork chops, leg of lamb, and even dog bones. The only thing not available for smoking is fish.