Scarrow History

Don Scarrow, owner of Scarrow Meats, started working in the meat department at a local grocery store becoming a meat manager and gaining experience and knowledge of new types of products. While working in a corporate environment for 15 years, Don found his passion for cutting meat and providing customers with quality products. In 1997, Don started Scarrow Meats because he decided to further advance in the industry and provide the type of service he expected.

In 2009, Scarrow Meats decided to include a smokehouse in the building and supply customers with smoked options for hams, bacons, and sausages. Scarrow Meats has advanced in many areas of the industry. The business started with 2,000 sq. ft. and has now advanced to 12,000 sq. ft. with top of the line pieces of equipment to assist in productivity and flavor of the products.

Scarrow Meats enjoys helping and providing a quality product to the local community. We enjoy giving back to the local community that has kept us in business for many years.

Even with advancement through the years, Scarrow Meats continues to be focused on personal customer service and quality products. The purpose of Scarrow Meats is to provide top of the line equipment and processes with individual customer service and care. All of our employees are loyal to the business and to providing high quality products. We sell taste one bite at a time!